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Website Design & Development Service at affordable Cost

Erachana Line

Website Design & Development Service from ERachana Technologies can help you boost your business by showing up your Search Engine Optimised Website.

We live in the information age with smart phones and low-cost internet connections; today everything is available at the tap of a finger. For businesses to reach out to their target audiences, it is imperative to have a digital presence in the form of a website. But merely having a website does not ensure that your business is getting noticed every time someone is searching for a product or service from your domain.

With everything going digital, it is imperative for businesses to have a website to stay relevant. Traditionally, setting up and maintaining a website was a cumbersome process, not to mention about the content and its management system.

At ERachana Technologies, using our in-house developed tool, EPrakash, we equip you with a lightweight website which is secure and works across all digital platforms. Using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) technique we also ensure that your website shows up every time someone is looking for your product/service. Using this tool we can convert your legacy websites to fast loading sites and make your websites responsive, running smoothly on laptops, tabs and mobiles alike.

We can also help you with content development and maintaining the Content Management Systems. In the digital world, content is the king. We can help you develop the right content and present it in the right format. The content is developed with strategically placed key words that help your site be found frequently and relevantly in search engine results.

What is covered in website Designing Services by ERachana Technologies?

We offer following Services in relation to Website design & development:

• URL Registration

• Hosting

• Content Development

• Creating Responsive Website & Maintaining it

• Graphic Design

• Preparing Video

• Grammar & Spelling Correction for your Existing Content

• Search Engine Optimisation

Website Audit

• Branding your company using Social Media

• You can optionally avail the services you want

To whom you have developed Websites?

We have developed websites for various businesses, starting from small business to medium size business. Some of them are a plain website which works as a company profile. For some, we have developed end to end solution, which helps companies in acquiring customers, managing customer and dealer network and collecting payments from customers.

You are affronting website designs at economical cost in comparison to other companies. How you are able to do this?

Following are the reasons why we are able to develop websites at affordable cost

a) Small & Dedicated Web Team: Our website development team is small in size and hence there is no communication gap among the team members. Each web developer works dedicatedly for serving the customer on time.

b) Effective Technology: We use an indigenously built technology called EPrakashak which is very easy to understand and the website developed using EPrakashak is easy to Customize and Maintain.

c) Professional: Website development is completely driven by the professional approach. From the first step that is from the time of sending the quotation to the final stage that is making the website live. We professionally communicate with the customer and get the things done. We keep customers updated about what is possible from our side and what is not possible. We also clearly indicate the prices for each service, thereby avoiding confusion at the time of billing.

d) Maintenance: Website developed by using EPrakashak Can be Easily maintained by you. However, if you feel that website to be maintained by ERachana Team, we are ready to serve you.

Out motto is to provide Website Design Services at an affordable cost to Small and Medium Size Business.

What is your Customer Base?

We have developed websites mainly for Indian Companies. We prefer helping Indian customers to achieve their goals with our technology.

In recent time, many website development companies have gone out of business what is the reason?

Website development requires knowledge in multiple domains. Website development and management is a team work. It is unlikely that a single person or just a couple of people can bring up a good website.

To website to be complete in all respect following skill sets are essential

a) Good Technology: There are many platforms available to manage a website and each has a lot of advantages and an equal number of trouble points. Website Development company shall choose right tools which help to quickly convert content into webpage and maintain it without any hassle.

b) Appealing Website: Website shall look appealing for this developer is expected to have a good sense of aesthetics in relation to website

c) Graphical Design: Without good Graphic design, websites look pale

d) SEO: Search Engine Optimisation is a Science by itself. Only who can understand your business quickly can do quality Search Engine Optimisation on your website.

e) Content Development: Developing content is an art, when reading the information about your organisation readers should build relation and respect towards your organisation. This skill is hardly available

f) Web Development: Today Market demands more than a simple website. Website should cater to more than just displaying the information. Payment gateway integration is typically required in many websites. All such additional features require good hold about Technology.

Only when all such qualities are part of the website development company, then only they can satisfy customers and run their business successfully.

Some of the websites developed using EPrakashak

Sl. No.
Website URL
esurveying softech
ESurveying Softech (INDIA) PVT. LTD.
erachana technologies
ERachana Technologies
radhika cashew
Radhika Cashew
Right Angle Management services
Right Angle Management Services Pvt Ltd
isaral business solutions
iSaral Business Solutions
global engineer
Global Engineers
Seven Craft Group
Seven Craft Group
WashingTon Laundrettes
WashingTon Laundrettes
ESurveying Softech (INDIA) PVT. LTD.
grow cashew
Grow Cashew
Caden Survey
Caden Surveys Pvt. Ltd.
Dhruva Consultants
Dhruva Engineering Consultant
Pani Associates
Pani Associates
Survey Drawing
ESurveying Softech (INDIA) PVT. LTD.
Laxman Enterprises
Laxman Enterprises
Pace Electricals