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Excel GST Billing - GST Billing Solution with Power of Excel

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Solution to GST Billing with Power of Excel

A simple yet elegant, GST compliant, one stop shop for all your invoicing and accounting needs

GST Billing Excel ERachana

The new GST regime is upon us and businesses around India are hustling to become GST compliant. Notably, the most distinguishable feature is the seamless flow of input credit.

ERachana Excel billing is a simple yet elegant GST compliant tool that takes care of all your invoicing needs. You can generate accurately calculated bills in elegantly designed formats, ready to be printed or directly emailed to your clients.

Designed by ERachana in MS Excel, this innovative tool is extremely easy to operate. As most of the computer systems already have MS Office installed, there is no need to install and maintain different software, just open the excel file, complete a simple registration process and your business is GST compliant almost instantly. Its simplicity and ease of operation enables you to save valuable time for you and your clients.

As ERachana Excel billing is a desktop tool, it operates without an internet connection, keeping your data safe from viruses and hackers. All your data is stored safely in your computer and can easily be backed up or transferred to another computer. You may upload this file into your Google drive or DropBox and access it from anywhere you want.

If you want ready made Excel Template formats for GST related transactions download from this page.

Furthermore, you can Export Billing Details to GST Return Excel Sheet.

  1. Prepare CGST / SGST (UTGST) or IGST Bills depending on Bill to Party or Ship to Party State
  2. If you are Directly selling to End Customer Directly Bill him without Creating his Entry in Customer Master
  3. Customise Invoice Format and Margin as per your requirement
  4. Print Original / Duplicate / Triplicate Copies in Single Command

GST Billing Application is Free. It is very easy to use and you may refer the following videos to understand its working. However, if you want further support to setup and start using this application, you can purchase One month support at Rs. 1500.

If you want complete Billing Software with Credit Note, Debit Note, Advance Receipt, Payment Voucher Etc. Please download and Use Free GST Billing Application.