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Free Download: Project Details Manager

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Project Details Manager is an effective project management tool for scheduling & managing projects smartly by tracking project status, resource utilization and recording payments.

Project Details Manager

In today’s era of new technologies and more efficient processes, project management is not an easy task. Every day, there are new tools to manage projects to be used in the increasingly complex work environments. Yet, it is better if you have a simple, yet efficient tool that breaks down your project management tasks into a simple checklist, making life easier and lets you concentrate on more important business goals.

Project Details Manager Software consists of recording project details, resource allocation, tracking target dates, project status, follow-up status, costs, and receipts.

ERachana’s Project Details Manager is a simple, yet efficient tool that manages everything related to your projects, whether it is Project details, Resource and Task assignment,

Task Completions, target dates, Follow-ups, Technical details, Content management, Orders, and Receipts etc. Using this tool, you can get started quickly and execute projects with better team coordination.

Project Details Manager can make your work easy and improve productivity, and help you keep team members informed, engaged and accountable.


  • • Store All Project Details
  • • Task wise Resource Assignment
  • • User Management
  • • Bills and Payment Tracking
  • • Time Track Assignments
  • • Reports

This project source is available as open source all the users who use Kushal Framework for developing C#.Net Applications.

If project wise details are entered in the software, it gives team member wise daily report, which helps in tracking time spent on a particular project and helps analysis of project done and estimation and for future projects.

How to use ERachana's Project Details Manager?


The Project Details Manager can be installed in the same way as any other standard windows application. Download, Install and Register the Project Details Manager Application from our website www.erachana.net. Installation & Registration are explained in Detail in other videos.

Create a New file by Selecting New from File Menu. Once you create a new file, first you need to create Masters

Create Masters

Masters are used for storing various master details. The Masters can be accessed from the Masters menu.

Create Employee Master

In Employee Master, add Employees and their details. These employees are assigned Projects and Assignments.

To do this, in Masters menu, click Employee Master. In the window that opens, Enter the Employee Name and Designation and Save the details.

In similar lines you can create following Masters

Create Service Master

In Service Master, you can enter the list of services rendered in your organisation.

Create Country, State and Place Master

Place Master is used to store the names of places where Customers are located.

To add Place to Place Master, first, you need to add country in Country Master.

Then add the States in that country in State Master.

After this, you can add the Place in Place master. Select Place Master in Masters and then in the window that opens, Select the State, enter Place name and click Save.

Create Month Master

Create Month Master to add the Months of the Year.

To add months, Click Month Master in Masters, In the window that opens, enter the Year and Select Month and Save the details.

In month master, once all project details are entered, the Monthly cost can be calculated by clicking Calculate Monthly Cost button.

Create Customer Master

In Customer Master, you can store details of your existing customers so that their projects details can be entered.

To add customers, in Masters’ click Customer Master and in the window that opens, enter details of existing customers like Customer Name, Company Name, Phone numbers, Email Ids, and Website. Select Place and click Save.

Add customer contacts by clicking Add Contacts. In the window that opens, you can enter details of the customer’s contact person.

Manage Projects

Managing Projects and Assignments has never been simpler. Using Project Details Manager, you can easily save details of your projects daily. From Estimation to Execution, and Maintenance, daily Project and Assignment status can be tracked, and Cost estimation can be easily done.

Enter Project Details

Project Details is a single window through which you can see the entire operations in a Project like Project details, Important Dates, Prices, Project assignments, Technical Details, Bills and Receipts etc.

To add Project Details, Select Project Details in Project Details Menu.

In the window that opens, Enter Project details –Project Name, Customer Name and select Follow up Status.

Select the name of the person who is in-charge of the project in Handled By.

Enter Start Date, Expected End Date, Estimated Cost, Final Price, Completed Date, AMC Date , and Live Date. Select Handled By.

Once the Project has begun, you can enter the temporary URL in Temp URL and location of Source files or drive in Source LOCN.

Add Project Assignments and Update Work Done in Project Assignments

Once the Project begins, assignments are allotted to various persons. The status of these can be recorded through Assignment details .

In Project Details, Select the Project and click Assignment Details button.

In the Window that opens, enter the Assignment Title. Enter the Start Date and Estimated End Date of the Assignment.
Once completed, check the Is Assignment Completed? checkbox and enter the Assignment Completion Date in Completed On. Payment Amount can be recorded in Assignment Amount. Click Save.

For each assignment, Work Status of jobs can be recorded.

The name of the person doing the assignment can be selected in Done By.
Enter Worked On Date and Spent Hours and enter Remarks if any, and Click Update. To add more jobs, click Add and repeat the same process. Click Save to Save the details.

Add Project Technical Details

Project related Technical details like portions of specific code, or any specifications can be added in Project Technical Details.

To add Project Technical Details, In Project Details select the Project, and click Technical Details button.

For the selected Project, In the window that opens, enter the Technical Title, Description and click Save.

Record Payments in Projects

Once the PO is received, one can enter the details of Purchase Order (PO).
Enter Project Bills -
In Project Details select the Project, Click Project Bills button.

In the Window that opens, enter details of the Bill raised.

Select Project, and enter Bill No., Bill Date, Amount and Remarks if any.
Click Save to Save the Bill Details.

When payments are made, Enter Receipt Details

In Project Details select the Project, Click Project Receipts button.

In the Window that opens, Select Project and Bill No. Enter Receipt No, Receipt Date, Amount and Remarks if any.
Click Save to Save the Receipt Details.

How to see Project Summary?

Project Summary can be seen in the Tabs shown at the bottom of the Project Details Window.

You can see details of Project Assignments, Technical Details, Bills, Receipts and External Assignments in the different tabs.

Project Cost Estimation

In Software Development Company, Major Cost to Company is Salary Payment. The cost to the Company can be Salary Expenses, Monthly Expenses and Capital Expenses.

In Project Details Manager, we enter the Staff Salary Expenses and monthly Expenses to obtain Expenditure on each Project for a given period.

Enter Monthly Expenditure

To Enter Monthly Expenditure, click Monthly Expenditure in Cost Estimation Menu.

In the window that opens, select Month, Head of Account and Enter Amount. Enter Remarks if any and click Save.

Enter Monthly Salary of Employees

Monthly Per Hour Salary of Employees can be entered in Salary menu in-order to estimate Costs.

To Enter Employee Salary, select Salary in Cost Estimation Menu.

In the window that opens, Select Employee and then select the Month. Enter Salary Per Hour of the Employee for that Month. Click Save.

Calculate Monthly Cost

Monthly Cost to Company can be calculated in Month Master.

In month master, once all project details are entered, the Monthly per hour cost can be calculated by clicking Calculate Monthly Cost button.

How to generate various Reports?

Project Details Manager application makes management seamless by providing you Reports. You can obtain various types of reports.

Outstanding Report

You can see the list of outstanding bills in Outstanding Report.
In Project Details, click Reports, and then click Outstanding Reports.

In the window that opens, Select the Project orCustomer, or any other criteria and click List.

You can see the Outstanding Bills in the Grid.

Assignment Report - Track Pending and Completed Assignments

To see Pending or Completed Assignments, In Project Details, click Assignment Details .

In the window that opens, Click Search.

In Assignment Status, select Pending and click List to see the list of Pending Assignments.

If the Completed is selected and then List is clicked, you can see the list of Completed Assignments.

Cost Estimation Report

Before generating Cost Estimation Report, Monthly Cost should be calculated.

To calculate the monthly cost, In Masters, Click Month Master. Select the Month in the grid and click Calculate Monthly Cost.

Once the monthly cost is calculated, you can generate Cost Estimation Report.

To Generate Cost Estimation Report, in Cost Estimation Menu, Click Cost Estimation Report.

In the window that opens, you can generate Project-wise, Assignment-wise, Employee-wise and Date-wise reports.

For example, if you want to see Project Wise Report, Select a Project in Project List Box.

You can sort the results Project-wise, Assignment-wise, Employee-wise and Date-wise by selecting the appropriate radio button.

Click List.

You can see the Direct Cost, Other Cost and Total Cost in Summary details.

All the Reports mentioned above can be exported to excel using the Export button in the respective windows.

The results are exported to an Excel File as shown.

Release Notes

Version - New Release 11/2/2018

1. Allows user to store Project Information

2. Allows user to store Customer Information

3. Allows users to track Project status and generate Daily Reports

4. Allows users to track Assignment Status

5. Allows users to generate the Work done Report for each Resource.

6. Allows users to calculate Project Cost